• Effective Mosquito Bands- Pack of 10 in Assorted Colors
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Effective Mosquito Bands- Pack of 10 in Assorted Colors

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Useful mosquito bands to protect you from harmful bites!. The bands are made with children friendly non-toxic materials and are environment-friendly. It keeps away all mosquito-borne diseases. A must for any outdoor activities while you camp or play in the park the bands keep you safe works up to 1.5 meters and lasts for ten days. There are various products to keep away mosquito-like creams, spray, but they may not be safe for your child's skin, they can get allergic to those products. Useful mosquito bands don't interfere with your child's well being they can wear it on wrist, ankles or even can tie the band on their bag. Without even touching the band protects your child from any mosquito-borne diseases. 

The band comes with adjustable straps to fit different sizes. This is a smart yet effective remedy to stay away from mosquitoes, without using skin damaging products. Makes a thoughtful gift for anyone to wish them well and keep away diseases. 


  • Essential for any outdoor activities
  • Made with child-friendly non-toxic materials
  • Keeps away all mosquito-borne diseases
  • Comes in 10 different colors
  • Works up to 1.5 meters and lasts for ten days
  • With adjustable straps for different sizes
  • A thoughtful gift to keep away diseases



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