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  • Car Dent Remover
  • Car Dent Remover
  • Car Dent Remover
  • Car Dent Remover
  • Car Dent Remover
  • Car Dent Remover
  • Car Dent Remover
  • Car Dent Remover
  • Car Dent Remover
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Car Dent Remover

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An Efficient & Safe Car Dent Remover To Remove Car Dents Effortlessly!

Are you looking for a simple solution to repair car dent quickly? No more waiting! Our Car Dent Remover is perfect for removing most minor, and/or even some major dents, without damaging the paint.

May it be an accidental bump or dent caused by foreign objects, spare yourself the stress and let these paintless dent repair tools do the job for you. Save time and cash as you witness these tabs of the dent removal tools restore your car's allure like it's never been damaged before. A great helper to repair your car dents.

Car Dent Remover Is The Most Efficient & Cost Effective Method For Removing Dents From Your Automobile.


  • VERSATILE TOOL: This car dent remover tool comes with a dent lifter and 18 replacement tabs in different shapes for multiple purposes. It can be used to repair most types of vehicles' dent creases caused by in the reversing, turning, scratches, hail and other situations. 

  • WIDE APPLICATION: This car dent removal tool can repair all kinds of car dents, but also can repair refrigerator, washing machine, motorcycle dent and so on. It can also be used in home DIY projects - arts, crafts, sealing and quick repairs.

  • SAVES TIME & MONEY: No need to wait in the repair shop and spend money for dent repair. Most of the dent removal can be finished in half an hour with this tool. It can help you repair your cars by yourself many times. 

  • SUPERIOR QUALITY: In the car dent remover kit, each component is made of high-quality material. Ergonomically designed Stainless Steel handle makes the lifter more sturdy and durable. 

  • EFFECTIVE & SAFE: An efficient tool to pull a dent out easily. It doesn’t damage the original paint or the metal surface. 


  • Length: 20cm
  • Diameter: 20cm
  • Height: 10cm

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Dent Puller Tool
  • 18 x Car Dent Repair Tabs

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