• False Eyelashes and Tweezers Set – Add Glamour to Your Makeup
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False Eyelashes and Tweezers Set – Add Glamour to Your Makeup

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The false eyelashes give you a glamorous look effortlessly. The eyelash set provides 10 pair of eyelashes and comes with tweezers for a perfect application. Bored of your thin eyelashes add thickness to your eyelashes with the help of this product. There are many ways to improve the thickness of your lashes various procedures which could cost you a fortune and discomfort to your eyes. With these set of eyelashes, you can add the glamorous look with minimum effort. Comes in various sizes and thickness you can use whichever suits you.

The process of applying eyelashes is very easy just choose your required set of eyelashes to apply a little of skin-friendly glue and with the help of tweezers set it perfectly fits in your eyes. It is made with synthetic hair and gives the ideal look for every occasion. 


  • Enhance your eyes with our eyelash and tweezers set
  • Provides 10 pairs of natural eyelashes 
  • Comes with tweezers for application
  • The eyelashes are made with synthetic hair
  • Gives a perfect look for every occasion


  • Material: Synthetic Hair 

Package Includes:

  • 10 Set of Eyelashes
  • 1 x Tweezers

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