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Flying Shark

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Makes Your Kids’ Indoor Activities More Fun With This Remote Controlled Balloon!

Are you looking for a unique toy to surprise your kids? Then give this fantastic Flying Shark and amaze your kid. It is a great way to keep your child occupied and keep them inside the house.

The remote-controlled flying shark flies through the room while imitating the movement of their submarine relatives by driving themselves with lifelike fins. The flying shark comes with a remote control that can be used to change its movements while it floats in the air. This air swimmers shark balloon can be a great birthday gift for kids. Kid parties will be one of a kind now with the ultimate remote-controlled balloon!

The Ultimate Remote Controlled Air Swimmer Shark Balloon You Can Ever Get!


  • ENORMOUS BALLOON: Assemble the fish and then fill in the safe inert gas lighter than the air to make the jumbo float. The shark shaped balloon requires helium to float. Air swimmers shark toy can be re-inflated over and over.

  • CREATIVE DECORATION: Give a surprise and interact with everyone around you to create unforgettable memories for them. The flying shark is made for indoor use. It’s recommended for the children age from 8 and above. 

  • DURABLE & AIRTIGHT: Consisting of 3 layers of high-quality nylon, the flying toy is resistant to explosion and air leakage. No explosion & no air leakage. The remote control flying shark stays inflated for up to two weeks.

  • INFRARED REMOTE CONTROL: The flying shark comes with a remote control to control its movements. The transmitter allows you to make the fish go up / down and move the tail to turn left / right. 

  • EASY TO ASSEMBLE & USE: Cooperate with your friends or family members to DIY this super big thing and make it swim freely.

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Flying Shark DIY Kit
  • 1 x Remote Control

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