• Majestic Sapphire Bracelet in 18K White Gold With Sapphire Stone
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Majestic Sapphire Bracelet in 18K White Gold With Sapphire Stone

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Here is a majestic sapphire bracelet which is ethnic and looks stunning that perfectly suits for all types of women. The bracelet is elegantly simulated with sapphire stones all over its body and looks majestic. The sapphire bracelet looks magnificent for all types of occasions and matches with any outfits. This bracelet never creates any problems fitting due to its circular shape.

The bracelet is white gold plated over brass metal and also studded with some precious and expensive Australian crystals. It makes an ideal Valentine’s Day, birthday, anniversary gift for someone you love.This classy bracelet adds a tasteful amount of shine and glimmer to your ensemble.

Our eternity bracelet fits just right and gets suspended just a bit from your wrist and surely makes you look and feel rich in style. Grab this bracelet to go in style!


  • Simulated with sapphire stones all over the bracelet
  • Covered with Australian crystals
  • Looks magnificent for every woman
  • Becomes the best gift to your loved ones


  • Main Stones: Sapphire
  • Other Stones: Australian Crystals
  • Length: 6.5 inches


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