• UV Phone Sanitizer
  • UV Phone Sanitizer
  • UV Phone Sanitizer
  • UV Phone Sanitizer
  • UV Phone Sanitizer
  • UV Phone Sanitizer
  • UV Phone Sanitizer
  • UV Phone Sanitizer
  • UV Phone Sanitizer
  • UV Phone Sanitizer
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UV Phone Sanitizer

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UV Phone Sanitizer - Enhance Your Daily Charge With A Sanitizing Process

You charge your phone every day, but how often do you clean it? Our phone contains more harmful bacteria than a public toilet. Now charge & sanitize your phone simultaneously with UV Phone Sanitizer.

Beautifully designed to fit next to your bed, at your office, or even in your kitchen. It only takes a few minutes for your phone to be free and clean of dangerous bacteria that can make you sick or that you could pass to others.

UV Phone Sanitizer Sanitizes Your Phone While It Charges Within Few Minutes.


  • WIDE USAGE: The cell phone sanitizer fits all phone and case sizes. It can also sanitize underwear, socks, baby's toys, watches, eye-glasses, toothbrush, jewelry, keys, Bluetooth earphones, and any other small objects.

  • ELIMINATE GERMS FROM YOUR CELL PHONE IN MINUTES: Cell phones are 10x dirtier than a toilet seat! UV phone sanitizer kills 99.99% of germs in a few minutes. Easy and convenient to disinfect your smartphone.

  • AROMATHERAPY FUNCTION: Add your favorite aroma in the UV phone sterilizer to make your phone smells wonderful. Built-in aromatherapy function allows you to add fragrance to your phone with essential oils.

  • SANITIZE & CHARGE YOUR DEVICE SIMULTANEOUSLY: UV phone sanitizer has a built-in charging port. It can sterilize and charge the phone (IOS & Android) at the same time. 


  • Output: DC5V 2A
  • Rated Power: 8.4W
  • Dimension: 23.5 x 15 x 8.3cm
  • Colors - white or blue (random)
  • Package includes one disinfectant box - USB Cable not provided - you may use your own

Email - support@sohoemporium.com (best option)

Customer Service Number - 503-782-7849

Address - 2232 Dell Range Blvd, Suite 245, Cheyenne, Wyoming, 82009, USA

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