• Portable Electric Ionic Hairbrush
  • Portable Electric Ionic Hairbrush
  • Portable Electric Ionic Hairbrush
  • Portable Electric Ionic Hairbrush
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Portable Electric Ionic Hairbrush

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Remember when you had bad hair days and there was nothing you could do about it? What if we told you that science can balance that while helping you gain control of your hair in 5 minutes, regardless of where you are.

Sounds off, right? Well, it's actually true. Towel-drying and constant hair brushing can strip away negative ions from your hair and than can lead to a messy and irreparable look. Portable Electric Ionic Hairbrush will fix that while balancing your hair with negative ions for the smooth, shinny and fresh look that you deserve.

ionic hair burish


  • Seals and smooths split ends

  • Makes hair softer and shinier

  • Reduce drying time

  • Minimize heat damage

  • Eliminate frizz

  • Vibrate and Massage mode to relax the scalp

  • Round end tip with a cushioned brush

  • Compact and portable

  • Easy to use

Electric Ionic Hair Brush



✔️ No Heat & No Damage: Say goodbye to hot irons or bulky hair straighteners. This is the modern, new way to manage your hair on-the-go.
✔️ Silky & Smooth: The Double IONIC generator in this brush releases negative ions to eliminate frizz.

✔️ Round Comb Teeth: The comb teeth adapt to the human head and increases the contact area of the brush.
Electric Ionic Hair Brush
How It Works:
Our hair is made up of positive and negative ions. When you create friction by brushing your hair or towel-drying it, you strip your hair of negative ions. This upsets your hair’s natural state, causing frizz and static.
Fortunately, ionic hair brush can reverse this effect. When you brush your hair with it, you add negative ions back into your hair and restore its natural charge. That ultimately means you get hair that's shinier, smoother, and less frizzy.
Electric Ionic Hair Brush


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Electric Ionic Hair Brush Gurantee

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