• Super Tea Pot – Sip Great Tea!
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Super Tea Pot – Sip Great Tea!

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Making a good and appealing tea is the most desirable thing when it comes to offering to guests or even your loved ones. This unique and super teapot is a thing most wanted amongst your kitchen accessories. With multi-utility functions and purpose, this amazing teapot can be efficiently put to use.

The super teapot has light to medium weight and is the best fit for your all kinds of outdoor activities and picnics. This teapot fastens the process of making the desired amount of tea in easy steps. The super teapot is a great accessory for your modular kitchen adding its own aesthetic touch to it.   


  • Set of 3 pieces intended to deliver the best tea
  • The materials are all food grade which allows you to make tension–free tea which is healthy
  • Comes with an in-built stainless strainer to make the cleanest and appealing tea
  • It can be used not just for making tea but other juices or beverages as well
  • Speeds up the process of making a good tea
  • Usage is quite easy and hassle-free


  • Capacity: 500 ml
  • Material: Food grade glass and plastic

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