• Ultimate 'Spoil-Her' Package
  • Ultimate 'Spoil-Her' Package
  • Ultimate 'Spoil-Her' Package
  • Ultimate 'Spoil-Her' Package
  • Ultimate 'Spoil-Her' Package
  • Ultimate 'Spoil-Her' Package
  • Ultimate 'Spoil-Her' Package
  • Ultimate 'Spoil-Her' Package
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Ultimate 'Spoil-Her' Package

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Flawless beauty gift to get your mom this Mother's Day. The ultimate gift to spoil your mom!

What it is: 

A limited-edition Mother's day set with 10 Piece Oval Brush, All-in-one Professional Makeup Set, 10 Color Concealer Palette. Plus a mystery gift valued at $100.

What it does:

From highlighting to contouring, this 10 piece set gives you so many options for doing your makeup. The brushes have a round shape design that's perfect for blending foundation, blush, or powder to your face or cheeks. With so many different sized brushes to choose from, you can achieve any look you want! Switch up your look everyday with any eye shadow, lipstick or blush shade imaginable! Whether you're feeling a bright or neutral look, or a combination of both, this All-in-one Professional Makeup Set is guaranteed to achieve the look your aiming for! Get a flawless look concealing blemishes and dark under eye circles, evening your skin tone with this highly pigmented 10 Color Concealer Palette! This palette is perfect for blending and can be used for everyday use! We know skin tones are never consistently the same shade which is why this palette is perfect for offering versatility! You never have to worry about buying a separate concealer when your skin does go a shade darker or lighter! 

This set contains:

  • 10 Color Concealer Palette
  • Oval Brush 10 Piece Set
  • All-in-one Professional Makeup Set (Includes)
    • 24 Color Eyeshadow
    • 8 Color Lipstick Powder
    • 4 Color Blush
    • 3 Color Powder
  • Plus $100 mystery gifts


Email - support@sohoemporium.com (best option)

Customer Service Number - 503-782-7849

Address - 2232 Dell Range Blvd, Suite 245, Cheyenne, Wyoming, 82009, USA

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