• Universal Lens Cap
  • Universal Lens Cap
  • Universal Lens Cap
  • Universal Lens Cap
  • Universal Lens Cap
  • Universal Lens Cap
  • Universal Lens Cap
  • Universal Lens Cap
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Universal Lens Cap

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The Ultimate Protective Lens Cap is the best way to cover and protect your camera lenses.

ONE SIZE FITS ALL: It's designed to fit every DSLR & Full Frame Mirrorless Camera lens with an airtight/watertight seal, holding up to elements the most ambitious photographers might endure. Now, you can travel stress-free knowing you won't lose your lens cap, it won't fall off, and you can go anywhere knowing you have the lens protection you need against the elements.

ULTIMATE PROTECTION: It's shock absorbent, waterproof, dust-proof and mud-proof, sand-proof and dirt-proof. You may regret freezing your extremities off in a hailstorm just to get that perfect shot, but you won’t regret bringing this lens cap.

DUST AND DIRTPROOF: The seal prevents small dust and finely grained sand from entering any cracks in the lens. No more worrying about Earth’s harsh elements.

SHOCK ABSORBENT: Smacking, bumping or banging your lens is no longer a concern; The UPLC absorbs most
blunt-force trauma that could occur to both the front/rear and exterior sides of a lens.

PORTABLE AND COMPRESSIBLE: Fits into any space, versatile and stackable. Stack multiple caps on top of one another for extra protection and security of your lenses. Protecting over 10,000 lenses for over 5,000 photographers worldwide.

No more lost lens caps! Take away stress and alleviate anxiety to help you continue getting the 'Perfect Shot'.

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